Visual Design & Rebranding

The David E. Glover Center gives the East Oakland, CA community access to the tools and the education of emerging technology. They needed help rebranding their image.



Visual Design, Multimedia Design, Web Design and Illustration


Olivia Cueva

The Oakland Citizens Committee for Urban Renewal (OCCUR)





A communal space to learn and create for pre-teen, teenaged, young adults and seniors needs to operate in a certain way and convey a certain vibe. When I began my work at the David E. Glover Education & Technology Center in the beginning of 2018, I welcomed the opportunity to optimize the physical and online presence of this space.



The David E. Glover Center is a space for communal innovation. It was founded with the intent to provide a space, the tools/resources and technology to everyone, especially low-income people of color in the East Bay community of Oakland, CA. This space wanted to revamp its branding, online presence, marketing material and physical presence (the exterior of the building) to ensure that the community knew about all the free resources available at the center.

In response, our team decided to start with redesign the center’s logo and online presence. Below were the two logos that the center had used previously.

OCCUR_DEG 400dpi Logo.png
Fall Youth Program 2017.001.jpeg


Logos are very important in branding, it helps audiences identify the center, our services and what we stand for at a glance. When our team started work, The Glover Center used two different logos (as seen in the photos above). Our team needed to somehow combine these two, into one.

According to the center’s executive board, the new logo had to include:

  • “A Project of Occur”

  • David E. Glover Education & Technology Center

We prototyped our ideas using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. In the options below, you will see different iterations of the typography and illustration of the cubed image.

all_logos copy.png

After some feedback from the executive board of The David E. Glover Center, we decided to pursue a visual that used the cubed design as a platform to support the initials of the center’s founder — David E. Glover (D.E.G.)

Our new logo is bold and clean. Its colors represent what was believe in: free education (gradients of purple) that will help mold and encourage growth (gradients of green) in our students.


We accompanied our new logo with a new online interface that made information about the center easy for our audience to find. As a part of our rebranding, we illustrated people of color, of multiple ages, engaged in conversation and activity around technology. Check out the live website at


The next item on our list were flyers. The original flyers had a lot of information on them, so we decided to clean things up and limit the amount of information on the page. This gave me more space to include assets from our new brand design.


The last item on our list was the physical appearance of our building. Based on some feedback from our audience, our building gave off the impression of that we provided classes for the pre-school/elementary school populations. Our team needed to redesign its look so that it had a unisex color scheme, but was noticeable, and we wanted to convey that exciting things are happening here.

In our first designs, we played around with color. Our team researched color palettes that we could possibly work, and I used Adobe Photoshop to design different distributions of color along the building. Our goal here was to see what could work and what absolutely would not work. Below are some of our hits and misses. We were most inspired by Image D (labeled below), and we iterated on that design until we landed on something that best described the center — fun, exciting things happen here, come be apart of this!



Based on the observations of our executive board, and some feedback from our audience, our team designed this version. Below is a before and after of the look.


The final design is bold and bright so that it can stick out from the pastel colors of the surrounding buildings/structures, but also in a fun way so that it stands out to our students and serves as a social media moment for future events and collaborations. Here are a few snapshots of some social media moments with some of the folks from our audience.


Next, we applied our new branding across our social media accounts. New copy, our new logo, reference of colors from our logo and newly painted building, gave our rebranded account a colorful, exciting aesthetic.



Visual Design, Multimedia Design, Web Design and Illustration


Olivia Cueva

The Oakland Citizens Committee for Urban Renewal (OCCUR)





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