The David E. Glover Center WEBSITE

Redesigned and built the David E. Glover Center’s website to increase student enrollment and exposure.

Backstory: The David E. Glover Center is a non-profit organization that strives to bring free technology education to youth, adults and seniors in East Oakland, CA. We needed a new website that served as an archive for what we do, what we stand for and the specifics of what we offer.

I started off this process by researching other non-profit organizations to see what their sites consisted of. I also held internal interviews with the director, and the executive board to ensure that I included everything my teammates felt was essential.

Since there was not a lot of photo collateral available at the time, I merged the illustrations I made for their marketing campaign and placed them above the fold of the page. These illustrations allowed me to essentially create a world of possibility, curiosity and potential for our community.

Through a couple of iterations, we achieved a website where information was clear, alluring and easy to find. This website was built with Squarespace and customized further with HTML, CSS and JS code injections.

Check out the live version here >>