David E. Glover Center REBranding

Designed a logo and full brand for the David E. Glover Center.

Backstory: The David E. Glover Center is a non-profit organization that strives to bring free tech education to youth, adults and seniors in East Oakland, CA.

I worked directly with the director and the executive board of The David E. Glover Center. The director was very inspired by the idea of the new logo having the initials of the founder (D.E.G. for David E. Glover) being built into its cube-like structure.

The final logo uses gradients of greens and purples to represent the David E. Glover Center’s ability to transcend, grow and provide a free service in the space of technology over the last 20 years.

Along with the logo, I provided The Glover Center with new designs for their business cards, t-shirts digital marketing collateral for their social media page. With the redesign, social media presence has increased by 925% and youth enrollment at the center has increased by 1050%.

degetc_logo_2019 (1).png
Copy of After
Copy of Before
all_logos copy.png