Dope Engineering + Math Tales (DEM Tales)



DEM Tales is an interactive, mobile platform that houses animated STEM content for  high school students. It is a call-to-action project with a goal to provide underserved students an alternative way to learn STEM related concepts.


dem tales.png


Concept, Art Direction, Visual Design, Software Development





Underserved NYC students are in crisis. When you compare their available resources to resources that are available for private school students, there is a lack of equity. These underserved students do not have access to substantial after school programming, tutoring and well-qualified teachers as private school students do. As a result, these underserved students lack interest and understanding in STEM related topics. Consequentially, this contributes to the lack of diversity and women pursuing STEM majors in college and as a career options. 



How can I apply modern technological practices to help students that are struggling in math? That may like science but they need extra help with their homework? What about those students that may want to pursue engineering but they may not know where to even begin to conquer such a topic?

Inspired by a scene from Steven Universe (0:26), I decided to create mobile app that contained animated episodes of short STEM lessons. Why mobile? Because many high school students have access to mobile devices, and it was convenient for prototyping and user testing purposes. Why animated episodes? I needed the creative space to create characters that looked like my students so that they can see representations of themselves excelling in the STEM realm. I also needed to control how long these episodes were going to be. Lastly, I just wanted to strengthen my animation and story telling skills.